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Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) | Trail, BC (Canadá)

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About our Media Glass

Media Glass is a pioneer in Brazil in applications for Vibe Technologies. We create applications for Smart Glass in order to increase the efficiency of your company and reduce costs!
  1. Jan, 2014
    Company Foundation

    Year the Company Foundation

  2. Jan, 2015
    Integrity Alert Project

    Development of an Asset Integrity Alert Project at Queiroz Galvão Oil & Gas and first prototypes and experiments with Google Glass.

  3. Jan, 2016
    Pilot at Mercedes Benz

    Media Glass held a pilot at Mercedez Bens, developing an application that supports the picking process. This process exists in large part in the warehouses and distribution centers of the industries, and consists of the collection and separation of items of different categories. Pick by Glass assists the employee through the use of magnified glasses, indicating the items that need to be collected according to the proximity of the object, which facilitates logistics.

    In 2016 we also participate in the COPPE UFRJ Business Incubator Program.

  4. Jan, 2017
    Second place in SET Innovation 2017

    Through a project developed at ArcelorMittal, two more functionalities were added to the product. The first is a checklist via Smart Glass, which provides the employee with a step-by-step of their activities, which can interact with the glasses via voice command. The second is the possibility of holding video conferences through the glasses, which allows the employee to receive directions from a manager or supervisor through remote support.

    In 2017 we also won second place in SET Innovation 2017, the largest congress of New Media in Latin America.


  5. Jan, 2018
    Participated in an acceleration of Augmented Reality and Virtual companies in Canadá

    In the first half of 2018, Media Glass participated in an acceleration of Augmented Reality and Virtual companies in Canada, where it reshaped its business model. With its international experience, the company has also created the Media Glass Methodology (innovative method for creating Smart Glass apps), and created the MGlass Frotnline, an industry productivity suite, which encompasses the features that were developed in previous years.

What we do

Media Glass increases efficiency and reduces business costs through Smart Glass solutions!

Value offer

Create new ways of interacting with work, increasing productivity through technology


Being part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, building the industry of the future

Testimonials from customers and partners

"We had the opportunity to work with Media Glass on a project that was innovative for us, and we have always been able to count on their partnership and commitment to achieving our goals."
Etienne Vreuls
Etienne Vreuls
Gerente Corporativo de TI & Processos
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